Moving Guidelines

4 Weeks to Go

•   Arrange your mail re-direction

•   Update any subscription paid services of your new address

•   Contact utility providers with your leaving and new home address

•   Arrange new utility services at your new home on the move date

•   Inform your current council of your leaving date and inform new council of your address

3 Weeks to Go

•   Consider how to manage pets and plants of moving date

•   Begin to use and run down the contents of your home freezer

•   Begin to plan where your furnishings will be placed at your new home

•   Arrange insurance cover for your new home, buildings at your new home

2 Weeks to Go

•   Dispose/recycle of any articles you do not intend to take with you

•   Rearrange your satellite TV installation and cancel your current one, incl. your TV license

•   Inform relatives and friends of your new address and move date

1 Week to Go

•   Organise your telephone and internet services

•   Drain fuel from lawnmowers and garden equipment

•   Pack outdoor items (i.e. shed) and any loft storage items

1 Day before your move

•   Defrost Freezer

•   Take down any mirrors, pictures, curtains and blinds

•   Disconnect all white goods as required

Moving Day!

•   Relax. Let Just Move It take the stress away with our Domestic Removal Service

•   Drain any plants of water

•   Ensure you have any cash, jewellery and significant personal belongings with you

•   Take accurate utility meter readings

•   Leave the keys of your old home in a secure location